Window cleaning service
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We offer a professional, regular and reliable window cleaning service. Currently we operate on a 5 week cycle, our customers have the choice of having their windows cleaned regularly every 5 or 10 weeks. We can reach windows upto 6 storeys high. We can also clean your fascias, soffits and gutters.

"I never used to have my windows cleaned regularly, but now that I do,
I ... love it!"

Satisfied customer, Romsey

Professional Service

We don't just clean glass, we clean the window frames as well as the panes. We want the whole window to look good when we have finished. This means cleaning the external hinges on patio doors and the surrounding trim of all window. We noticed with conservatories that the gutters above the windows affected the external look, since July 2019 we clean the gutters of conservatories too.

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Prior to filling out the online form count up all your windows and glazed doors. Measure the length and width of your conservatory. If you want us to give you a quote to clean your fascias, soffits and gutters we need to know how many metres you have of each


You don't need to measure your gutters, they are normally fixed at 1m intervals, so just count between the clips

Heath & safety

We use the modern pure water system which minimises the risks normally associated with high level cleaning.
In the winter we use rock salt on any pathways and patios where the water from cleaning your windows could become a slip hazard. If your doorway is tiled or can become slippery when wet we would normally clean your windows and doors in these areas traditionally to reduce the hazard caused by water.
Since the water we use is pure and heated, this not only keeps your windows nice and clean but it also reduces the workload for our operatives which benefits their backs and joints.


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